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​Foothill International Folk Dancers of La Cañada Flintridge


New to Folk Dancing?

Have you always wanted to dance, but do not have a partner or a dance background? If so, international folk dancing might be for you. Our dance group is appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels. No previous dance experience, partner, or costume are necessary. Some of the dances are so beautiful that they will take your breath away, while others are exciting, exotic, and even on occasion, a little silly.

For your first 3 minute folk dancing lesson click  here to learn the Yemenite step, used frequently in many folk dances.

Folk dances are traditional dances from countries all over the world, usually modified by modern choreographers so that they can be enjoyed as a form of recreational dance in the USA and elsewhere. If you can walk, you can folk dance. Many folk dances are easily done, but a few are quite vigorous. If a particular dance seems to be too much, you can just join those sitting and watching. There is no need to try to learn all the dances taught. When they can't remember, most dancers follow what a few others do. Most dances are danced in lines or circles, but we also have many that are for individuals, couples, or sets of couples. In some dances (called mixers) you change partners during the dance.

Practice at home is not at all necessary, but if you would like a reminder of a dance you recently learned, you can see if a video of it is available on our Dances/Videos page.  If the dance name appears in color or is underlined, you can click on it and see a video.

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